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LAura Nairne's Web Page


This is the homepage of LAura Nairne*

Mr D and Law at Cardigan Bay Riding Club dressage June 2006

We didn't do very well but it was a good day out for us :)

Updated May 2005

I've got lots of updating to do seeing as this page has been up for over a year!

Things are good.  Mr Darcy has come on sooo much in the last three months.  He's moved home and is all settled now with a varitey of boys and girls for him to get attached to.  He loves his boyfriend Galli and he loves ALL the women on the yard.  Bit of a soppy sod with heart shaped eyes! We are on the riding club teams for dressage which takes place at the end of June and is a national qualifier and we are on the outdoor showjumping team as well! Need to get working on that really.

Work is good, I've changed job again and have been where i am for 6 months so far. I'm enjoying it tremendously.  Marketing Officer for a tourism and regeneration group.  That has kept me very busy indeed.

In between working and riding and so on i've recently moved house.  I'm still settling in/building the furniture but so far the house is lovely and comfy.


That's about all the news I have for now.

Why LAura*
I am LAura primarily because whilst I can spell my own name, I find it much easier to let my finger sit on the shift button when doing the a as I am lazy. For the simple reason that I am lazy, I do not go back and fix it. I am now used to this and have no problem with it. If you however do have a problem, then either A) email me
or B) Deal with it!

See my music page to get a taste of what I like!
I am keen on music, like mad keen to the point where you'd be suprised at the size of my CD collection unless you were related to me and you'd know exactly what i'm like with CD's.

E-mail me comments on the site, pictures etc